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About Karina Schaapman

The Mouse Mansion is a creation by Karina Schaapman (1960, The Netherlands). In 2008 she decided that she wanted to write a children's book. She wasn't going to illustrate the books with drawings, instead she decided to photograph diorama's. It took her three years to build the first Mouse Mansion that is now on display in the Public Library in Amsterdam. For every book that followed, Karina built more Mouse Mansions diorama's, such as a theatre, a fun fair and a harbor. Would you like to learn more about Karina and het creation? Check out this leaflet!

Our family business

The Mouse Mansion became an instant succes both in The Netherlands and abroad. With the success came a lot of work! That's why Karina founded her family company in 2015 together with her four children, Tom, Ian, Manita and Lili Schaapman. Tom helps Karina with building the Mouse Mansion, Ian handles the business, Manita develops new products and Lili produces the DIY tutorials on YouTube. They also run their Mouse Mansion - Shop & Studio in the centre of Amsterdam. 

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The Mouse Mansion
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About Rubinstein Publishing

For over 30 years Rubinstein has been working with love and attention, expertise and craftsmanship on beautiful, often book related products. Rubinstein was founded in 1985 by Maurits Rubinstein as a publisher of audiobooks. A large number of audiobooks and music productions are still recorded and mastered in their own studio today.

Rubinstein Publishing
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Mascha de Vries


Please send al requests regarding licensing The Mouse Mansion's intellectual property and/or TV/movie-rights directly to the rights owners Studio Schaapman.

Studio Schaapman
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1015RT Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ian Schaapman
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